2019 Annual General Meeting

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2019 Annual General Meeting
The Volleyball Victoria Inc Annual General Meeting was held Saturday, 27 April at the State Volleyball Centre @ Dandenong Stadium with a large contingent in attendance representing, Affiliates, State League Clubs, Life Members, and other interested stakeholders.
The Board presented the 2018 Annual Report and Financial Statements with the motion to adopt carried unanimously.  The Report and Statements are available in both electronic and hardcopy, on request.  The 2019 Budget, already adopted by the Board, was also presented with an extensive outline on the variations from the previous year, and was subsequently endorsed by the Meeting.
Three nominations were received for three Board positions, being Officer Director – President, with Paul Freckleton elected unopposed, and two Ordinary Member positions, with Ian Jenkins (returning) and Dr Peter Hertan (new) also elected unopposed.

The Hon Stephen Conroy retires
The election of Paul Freckleton saw the first change in President for 20 years with The Hon Stephen Conroy retiring after two decades of service, first joining the Board in the late 1990s and shortly after being elected President.
A former State Junior representative and State League player with Heidelberg Volleyball Club, Stephen retires with Volleyball Victoria incredibly well-placed, having navigated previously turbulent periods, participation, member satisfaction, and financial reserves are at all-time highs and reflect Stephen’s leadership and the contribution of the many Board members who have served during his time.
The Meeting also considered one Special Resolution, that of Life Membership for Stephen, the Resolution was passed unanimously.  The Resolution read as follows:
“Stephen was elected to the Board as President in 1998 and for 20 continuous years has provided a powerful figurehead for Volleyball Victoria.  Stephen’s influence and contacts have been critical to the success of the organisation and secured Volleyball Victoria’s viability at a time when it confronted serious existential challenges.  Stephen continued in the role as one of the most significant figures in volleyball, his understanding of the stakeholder environment and governance have enabled the organisation to transition between eras and maintain Board stability.  This has resulted in a sustained period of success.  Stephen retires at a time of great strength for the organisation, with participation, membership, satisfaction, and financial reserves at all-time highs.  He remains a passionate volleyball fan and can often be heard offering advice, such as that he provided from the stands to the Volleyroos at Volleyball Nations League”.
Relevant documents:
• 2018 Annual Report, including Audited Financial Statements

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