2020 Annual General Meeting

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The Committee of Volleyball Victoria Inc would like to advise the previously suspended Annual General Meeting will be reconvened at 7:30pm, Monday 14 December. The Committee will utilise the provision authorised by Consumer Affairs Victoria to utilise technology to host the Meeting and will conduct proceedings on the Zoom online web conferencing platform.

The business of the Meeting is fixed and will follow the Agenda originally prepared for the April Meeting; no new business will be conducted. No nominations will be received for Committee positions or Awards.

The 2019 Annual Report, including management and finance reports, is available from the Volleyball Victoria website.

Affiliates are required to RSVP to Volleyball Victoria, co Shannon Lennie, Member Services Coordinator, memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au, and will receive a calendar invite with the Zoom conference link providing access to the Meeting.



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