2021 & 2022 Blue & White Jacket Beach State Team Dinner

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On Saturday May 21st we celebrated the achievements of the 2021 & 2022 Victorian Beach Volleyball State Teams at the Manningham Hotel.

A great night was had by all. 

Congratulations to our Blue and White Jacket winners for 2021 & 2022.

2021 Blue & White Jacket Winner Female Talia Samuel
2021 Blue & White Jacket Winner Male Sam Kay


2022 Blue & White Jacket Winner Female Luella Greer
2022 Blue & White Jacket Winner Male Benjamin Carroll


2021 Coaches and MVPs

Hilary Hannagan U15 Female 2021 MVP
Leah Gelt U15 Female 2021 Coaches
Ryan Hutchings U15 Male 2021 MVP
Zavier McInerney U15 Male 2021 Coaches
Emma Hannagan U16 Female 2021 MVP
Gemma McNamara U16 Female 2021 Coaches
James Kay U16 Male 2021 MVP
Angus Parker U16 Male 2021 Coaches
Ella Mustovic U17 Female 2021 MVP
Eliza Forbes U17 Female 2021 Coaches
Benjamin Carroll U17 Male 2021 MVP
Mitchell Croft U17 Male 2021 Coaches
Evangeline La Terra U18 Female 2021 MVP
Stephanie Baker U18 Female 2021 Coaches
Sam Kay U18 Male 2021 MVP
Quinlan Hayes U18 Male 2021 Coaches



2022 Coaches and MVPs

Ella McDonell U14 Female 2022 MVP
Shalomi Samuel U14 Female 2022 Coaches
Jack Hutchings U14 Male 2022 MVP
Lenny Wong U14 Male 2022 Coaches
Ruby Smith U15 Female 2022 MVP
Isabella Ruthven U15 Female 2022 Coaches
Hannah Mustovic U16 Female 2022 MVP
Lucy Mullan U16 Female 2022 Coaches
Zavier McInerney U16 Male 2022 MVP
Ryan Hutchings U16 Male 2022 Coaches
Emma Hannagan U17 Female 2022 MVP
Kyla Peel U17 Female 2022 Coaches
James Kay U17 Male 2022 MVP
Luca Smith U17 Male 2022 Coaches
Milla Smith U18 Female 2022 MVP
Samantha Pila U18 Female 2022 Coaches
Mitchell Croft U18 Male 2022 MVP
Callen Fowler U18 Male 2022 Coaches


We extend thankyou to all athletes, coaches and families who trialled and participated with the 2021 and 2022 State Team.

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