2021 Memberships Now Available

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2021 Memberships are now available to be purchased. 

To register for your local competition follow the link. 

For information regarding membership types and prices please click here. 

Membership with Volleyball Victoria (VV) provides access a number of benefits including:
•    Sanctioned Events & Activities         •    SportsPass members benefits program
•    Organised Competitions                  •    Insurance 
•    Development programs                   •    Communications
•    High performance pathways            •    Peak Body Representation
•    Education (Coach & Referee)           •    Celebratory Events and much more…

For more information on email sign in CLICK HERE

How To Purchase Membership

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you participate in more than one competition (e.g play State League for Phantoms and in local Horsham Competition), please email memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au to ensure you are registered and marked as paid in both databases.

To View your purchase and participant history, log on to your Member Profile.

All participants must be a financial members to be eligible to participate in all Volleyball Victoria affiliated Competitions and Events. 

Participants who were eligible for their 2020 membership to be rolled over have be contacted.

If you have any enquires, please contact memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au

VV Social Competitions

Follow the link for more information on the VV Social Competitions

State League Website

Follow the link to visit the State League Website


To view the Volleyball Victoria calendar of events, simply click on the link

School Cup Events

Follow the link to visit the Schools Cups Website