2021 Volleyball Victoria Country Championship – Rescheduled

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Following the forced cancellation of the second Victorian Country Championship in a row, the Volleyball Victoria Country Championships Commission conducted a special meeting last night to consider the options to still conduct this year’s event.

The Commission noted that Volleyball Horsham had already undertaken a considerable amount of work in organizing CC’21, including attracting considerable funding to support the costs of presenting the event, and outlaying a large amount of money, which will have to be written off if the event is cancelled.

It was agreed that CC’21 will be re-scheduled to 24-26th September in Horsham.

The Commission was aware that this will be the AFL Grand Final weekend and the Australian Youth Volleyball Championships are scheduled to be conducted in Bendigo from 25-28th September.

Options to reduce the size of the event to fit into a 2-day weekend were discussed, but it was determined three days were essential, and to expect players, coaches and officials to take a day off work or school would not be acceptable.

The clash with AYVC will most likely only affect a small number of players and coaches, with the most significant impact being the availability of referees for Division 1. However, with sufficient planning, associations will have the extra time to up-skill their own officials to Level 2 or secure a suitably qualified referee from outside their association.

The operational issues of re-entry, player registrations and information provision will be determined in the coming days, and advised via newsletters from Volleyball Horsham.

We can only hope there will be no further COVID-19 outbreaks that might ultimately force the cancellation of this event. Stay safe and healthy.

Murray Mansfield
Chair, VVCCC
4th June 2021

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