Volleyball Victoria (VV) recognizes Affiliated Members, and other organizational members and partners, including Clubs, Academies, non-incorporated entities, management groups, and sport providers.


Your professional standing will be enhanced through affiliation with the State body and the role VV plays in the promotion of volleyball. You join a network of providers and by affiliation; VV validates your role in delivering volleyball.

The first principle of these policies is that an organization must meet a minimum set of affiliation standards to be eligible to receive any rights, benefits, and privileges.  In turn, VV must grant to any compliant and eligible affiliate the rights, benefits, and privileges relevant to their class of membership.

The 2023 AFFILIATION MANUAL contains all the relevant information you will require to complete your affiliation.  The Manual also details the mutual obligations and benefits shared between you and VV.

2023 Affiliation Manual

2023 Application Form

2023 Application Form (Private Provider) 

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