Cori Wilder to lead Volleyball Victoria

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The Volleyball Victoria (VV) Board of Directors (BOD) wish to confirm the appointment of Cori Wilder as Acting General Manager of Volleyball Victoria.

With the recent announcement of current General Manager Martin Stillman’s resignation from the role from VV after 21 December 2022, the VV BOD have appointed Wilder as Acting General Manager commencing on 30 November 2022. Cori will fulfil the General Manager duties through to the Annual General Meeting in 2023, where the board will reassess the General Manager position.

The board has coordinated a transition period with both Cori and Martin to ensure all current projects and business operations are not jeopardised during the critical planning phase for 2023 and beyond. Cori will remain as a VV BOD member while assuming the Acting General Manager role.

We are thrilled to announce Cori’s appointment to the interim role. She brings with her a long history of involvement and appreciation of volleyball as a player, coach and administrator, and we remain assured in her professional commitment towards continuing to service our Volleyball Victoria members, staff, wider community, and our sport.

I am delighted to be appointed the Acting General Manager of Volleyball Victoria and I look forward to the transition with Martin and working with the board and staff to further enhance the sport.  2022 has been a successful transition back to Volleyball from the Covid-19 pandemic and now it is time to continue growth and development of Volleyball within Victoria” – Cori Wilder, incoming Acting General Manager of Volleyball Victoria.


Paul Freckleton


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