General Manager’s Update

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30 April

  • Events & Competitions
    • National Events
    • State League
    • Return to Play Plan
  • Committee Update
    • Annual Affiliate Awards

Events & Competitions Update

National Events

In late April, the States met with Volleyball Australia to discuss the conduct of planned national events and Australian Championships for the remainder of 2020.  The meeting set to determine the minimum conditions by which events could proceed and the timing required to for States to adequately prepare.

In short, the following outcomes were agreed

  • Australian Junior Volleyball Championships (AJVC)
    September remains the preferred date for AJVC and if this is not viable then the event will likely be cancelled for 2020. This decision is made with consideration to cost implications for athletes/families and conflict with other events.  Volleyball Australia will consider the viability of the event 1 June, which was determined the minimum time required to adequately prepare delegations.
    The Championships would resume in 2021 as originally planned.
  • Australian Beach Volleyball Tour (ABVT)
    Round 1 of the ABVT is scheduled for 27–29 November and will be conducted in conjunction with Volleyball Australia Annual General Meeting in Mollymook (regional NSW).
  • Australian Volleyball Super League
    States agreed that the conduct of a home and away series was not feasible in 2020 given travel restrictions and cost implications. As such, the Super League will be planned as a tournament style event on the Gold Coast in December, in conjunction with Australian Volleyball Schools Cup.
  • Australian Volleyball League Open Championships
    The Open Championships will be considered as a second-tier division to the Super League.   Volleyball Australia will consider the viability of the event 1 September.
  • Australian Volleyball Schools Cup (AVSC)
    Preparations for the conduct of the AVSC continue business as usual. The event is scheduled 7-12 December.Should Volleyball Victoria be unable to conduct the Schools Cup Four Day event (formerly Three Day) and in particular, those Divisions that require results for ranking into AVSC, the State will be provided authority to recommend ranking of teams to Volleyball Australia.

State League

Volleyball Victoria State League remains in suspension and will not commence until after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.  Volleyball Victoria will be required to prepare a return to ‘Return to Play’ Plan, see below, before recommencing any activities.

When Volleyball Victoria receives an indication of a likely return time-frame, we will consult with State League Clubs to determine the most accessible and viable structure for the 2020 League.  Contingency planning is already underway in the Office responding to the current limitations.

Return to Play Plan

Sport and Recreation Victoria, via webinars hosted by Vicsport, have advised of anticipated ‘Return to Play’ Plans.  A State Government requirement for sporting organisations to recommence activity.  While there is no detail on offer at the moment, Volleyball Victoria has already commenced compiling a set of risk mitigation measures that can be implemented to support the conduct of safe activities.

National Cabinet will be considering community sport this Friday and an indication of when and how a resumption will occur should be known after that time.  Volleyball Victoria anticipates as the current state of emergency nears conclusion, 11 May, the State Government will provide direction on the next stages for community activity, including community sport and recreation.

Volleyball Victoria’s Return to Play Plan and risk mitigation measures, once completed, will be shared with Affiliates to help support a state-wide resumption of activities.

Committee Update

Annual Affiliate Awards

On Sunday, 26 April, Volleyball Victoria hosted the Annual Affiliate Awards on Facebook Live.  Unable to conduct the Awards Dinner as scheduled due to social distancing restrictions, Volleyball Victoria took to social media to provide community access.

The 2019 winners were:

    1. Most Outstanding Association – Maroondah Volleyball
    2. Most Outstanding Junior Program – GMVA Spikezone
    3. Excellence in Coaching – Tanya McInerney
    4. Volunteer Achievement Award – Geoff Moss (Maroondah Volleyball)
    5. Most Outstanding School – Westall Secondary College
    6. Most Outstanding Teacher – Sarah Johns (Canterbury Girls Secondary College)

Congratulations to all nominees and especially our most deserving winners.  Thanks to all those in the community who tuned in to share the Awards with us.

Our remaining Award announcements will be made in accordance with our requirements to bring forward to the Annual General Meeting.

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