General Manager’s Update

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31 May

  • Return to Play Plan
    • COVID-19 Safety Plan
    • COVID-19 Safety Coordinator
  • Committee Update
    • Victorian Government’s Experience Economy Survival Package

Return to Play Plan

Volleyball Victoria has submitted our Return to Play Plan for review by the Victorian Government.  We look forward to finalising the Plan after receiving comments from the Government and providing to our community.  In support of the distribution, Volleyball Victoria is preparing a video presentation to explain the application of the Plan.

The Plan will not set out limitations in addition to those imposed by Government authorities, but rather, the prevailing Government restrictions will be the central tenet of the Plan and Volleyball Victoria will advise the enablers that support delivery of the sport consistent with the restrictions.

Volleyball Victoria’s Return to Play Plan and risk mitigation measures, once completed, will be shared with Affiliates to help support a state-wide resumption of activities.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Plan is a recommended resource and may become critical to Affiliates who hire public and school facilities.  Recent advice suggests local government authorities will be required to sight evidence user groups are acting in support of their respective sport’s Return to Play Plan to allow access to facilities.

The resource cited below is provided by the Australian Institute of Sport and is in template format, providing for ease of completion.

COVID-19 Safety Coordinator

The COVID-19 Safety Coordinator is a requirement of the Return to Play Plan and Affiliates must enact this role to manage a recommencement of activities.  The role may be filled by more than one individual, and in fact this may be the best approach to ensure a broader understanding of risk management, peer support, and to manage multiple venues and groups.

More information is available:

Committee Update

Victorian Government’s Experience Economy Survival Package

Affiliate sustainability is a key plank of the Strategic Plan and the primary concern of Volleyball Victoria.  In support of this objective, the Volleyball Victoria Committee would like to advise and strongly encourage Affiliates consider application to the recently released ‘Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Program’ as part of the Victorian Government’s Experience Economy Survival Package should they be experiencing financial difficulties.  Please note, the Program is for incorporated associations.  The Program is experiencing high rates of interest and demand for funds is high; Affiliates are urged to consider their position urgently.

Eligible organisations will be able to apply for funding in four categories, with grants available for amounts:

  • Up to $350,000 for large state sporting associations
  • Up to $200,000 for smaller state sporting associations, regional sports assemblies and academies, and other state sport and recreational bodies
  • Up to $15,000 for associations and leagues
  • Up to $1,000 for individual clubs.

For more information, visit Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Program.

Michael Haley, Facilities Liaison, is more than happy to provide support to Affiliates who are considering or in the process of preparing submission to this scheme.  Please email Michael,, should you require assistance.  Michael can also assist with preparing Letters of Support required with applications.

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