General Manager’s Update

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General Manager’s Update

30 June 2020

  • Resumption of Play
    • Update from Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Committee Update
    • National Stakeholder Meeting
    • Affiliate Survey

Resumption of Play

Volleyball Victoria has provided advice on several Affiliate Plans in support of a resumption of activity and is confident the community is readying to take the court both eager and prepared.  These Plans have been provided supplementary to the Safety Plan template circulated to Affiliates consistent with the Return to Play Plan.

In the Office, the Events and Competitions team continue planning for a resumption of State League in early August all the while continuing consultation with Affiliates; the landscape continues to change at a rapid rate and the effects are not felt by everyone equally.

Planning continues earnestly but with trepidation as the Victorian environment proves ‘dynamic’.

Update from Sport and Recreation Victoria

The Department has provided the following advice on the current restrictions, these remain consistent with the current stage of Volleyball Victoria’s Return to Play Plan.

For physical recreational facilities:

  • Outdoor and indoor sports venues can open.
  • For physical recreation, multiple separate zones may be created within a larger indoor space. To be considered a zone, the area must be for the exclusive use of a group and be no less than 200 square metres [basketball courts are typically in excess of 400 square metres]. For example, a large indoor court could be separated into two zones for different groups at each end. Signage must be displayed at the entry to each indoor zone or indoor space outlining the maximum number of people allowed at a single time.
  • Communal facilities, such as clubrooms and change rooms, can now open for indoor and outdoor sport venues applying the four-square metre rule to each enclosed space. Signage must be displayed at the entry to each indoor space outlining the maximum number of people allowed at a single time.
  • Sporting clubs that operate a restaurant, café or canteen within its facility may reopen with take-away and limited dine-in arrangements, provided it strictly adheres to the restrictions on hospitality venues including up to 20 patrons per enclosed space and in groups of up to 10, subject to the four-square metre rule.

For organised community sport activities:

  • Organised non-contact training and competition are allowed for all age groups where participants can stay 1.5 metres apart.
  • For organised community sport, both indoors and outdoors, the minimum number participants required to conduct the sport should participate in the activity. The rules of the sport governing body (e.g. the State Sporting Association) determine the number that can participate (ie. the number who would normally be involved in a match or training, including players on the field/court and allowed substitutes). This applies even if it exceeds the density quotient or group limit on the venue.
  • If indoors, spectators should not attend – just those necessary for the competition or training and to support the participants (e.g. supervising parents).
  • Spectators for outdoor training and competitions must abide by gathering restrictions – spectators should be in groups of no more than 10 and spread out around the ground or venue. The group of 10 does not include those necessary for the activity to occur, such as the umpire or trainer and a parent or carer supporting a person with a disability to participate.

Updated guidelines, FAQs and resources are now available on the Sport and Recreation Victoria website.

More information is available:

Committee Update

National Stakeholder Meeting

Volleyball Victoria participated in the mid-year National Stakeholder Meeting via the ubiquitous Zoom online conference facility in late June.  Volleyball Australia presented a positive outlook for the end of year finances with a modest surplus predicted, in spite of several national and international events being cancelled after March and the loss of senior staff to redundancies and departures.

Other business conducted included updates on Pathways, Education, Participation, and Events.  Volleyball Australia also provided advice on a review to be conducted on the innovative ‘We are Volleyball’ project between Volleyball Australia and Member States that realises significant investment in participation that otherwise would not exist.

Affiliate Survey

Locally, the Committee is also keen to understand the extent that Affiliates have sought to access a range of supports available through State Government initiatives.

As such, Volleyball Victoria will administer a survey regarding the recently closed ‘Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Program’, part of the Victorian Government’s Experience Economy Survival Package and other support measures accessed during the pandemic.

In addition, individuals involved with the successful 2019 Australian Volleyball – Super League campaign will be surveyed to inform Committee decisions regarding the value this competition offers to the Victorian volleyball community.

Please keep an eye on your inbox and the Volleyball Victoria website for these surveys.

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