General Manager’s Update

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31 October 2020

  • A Welcome Easing of Restrictions
  • Committee Update
    • Annual General Meeting

A Welcome Easing of Restrictions

The latest advice from the Victorian Government included a welcome easing of restrictions and the creation of conditions enabling a return to court, including for adults outdoors and participants 18 years and under outdoors and indoors.

This is great news across the State and provides an expectation that the Beach Volleyball season may proceed with only minor delays and provides optimism for indoor volleyball, including for those who choose to venture onto the grass during the summer months.

In summary, the following came into effect from 11:59pm, 27 October:

Regional Victoria

  • Outdoor non-contact sport is allowed for adults and participants aged 18years and under
  • Indoor non-contact sport is allowed for participants aged 18years and under

Metropolitan Melbourne

  • Outdoor sport and recreation is conditionally allowed
  • Indoor sport and recreation is not allowed

Volleyball Victoria has received advice from Sport and Recreation Victoria reclassifying volleyball as a non-contact sport; in application, it assumes and requires that the sport can “reasonably be done while maintaining 1.5 metres from others”, participants must maintain physical distancing.

Sport and Recreation Victoria have advised a requirement for providers of community sport to prepare COVIDSafe Plans.  The form of which is yet to be advised but is expected after Monday, 2 November.  Business Victoria also require businesses to prepare a COVIDSafe Plan, see more information here.

After Monday, Volleyball Victoria expects to have further information regarding the interaction of these requirements for providers of volleyball who may also be businesses.

For more information, Affiliates can contact Shannon Lennie, Member Services Coordinator, co

Committee Update

Annual General Meeting – Volleyball Australia

The Volleyball Australia Annual General meeting will be hosted virtually 28 November with Member States not required to make the usual pilgrimage to Canberra.

A key item for the subsequent Stakeholder Meeting will be progressing the Volleyball Australia Strategic Plan and identifying priorities for all Stakeholders that can be advanced from strategy to operational responsibility.  The expectation is for elements of the Volleyball Australia Plan to dovetail into State Plans, with work on local priorities already undertaken by Volleyball Victoria.

Annual General Meeting – Volleyball Victoria

The Committee next meets on 10 November and will make a determination regarding the conduct of the Annual General Meeting for the 2019 year.  It is hoped that the Meeting can be safely held face to face before the end of the year and include a Stakeholder Forum.

More information will be provided shortly after the Committee Meeting.

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