General Manager’s Update

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General Manager’s Update

30 November

In the GM’s update this month:

  • 2019 Australian Volleyball Super League
    • Melbourne Vipers qualify for Finals
  • Volleyball Victoria partner with Queen Victoria Market
  • Board Update
    • Volleyball Australia Annual General Meeting
    • Life Membership for Murray Mansfield
    • Special Board Meeting
    • Strategic Measures

2019 Australian Volleyball Super League

Melbourne Vipers qualify for Finals

The inaugural Melbourne Vipers have successfully concluded the home and away rounds with both the Men’s and Women’s teams qualifying for finals.  To be hosted on the Gold Coast in conjunction with the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, the Super League finals will see the top four teams compete in semi-finals Saturday and medal matches Sunday.

The Vipers’ schedule for Finals:

Saturday, 7 December

12:00 noon – 2:00pm Men’s Heat v Vipers

7:00 – 9:00pm Women’s Vipers v Storm

Sunday 8th December

9:30 – 11:30am Men’s Bronze

11:30am – 1:30pm Women’s Bronze

2:30 – 4:30pm Men’s Gold

4:30 – 6:30pm Women’s Gold

6:30 – 7:00pm Presentations

We wish Josh Cowan, Michael Brookens, and their respective team personnel all the very best for the Finals.

For more information on the AVL, please visit:

Volleyball Victoria Partner with Queen Victoria Market

Volleyball Victoria is delighted to partner with the Queen Victoria Market to bring 15 weeks of volleyball to the iconic Summer Night Market, commencing 20 November.  Volleyball Victoria will support a calendar of activities including alternating weeks of player exhibition matches and coach-patron activations.

For the duration of the Summer Night Market, Volleyball Victoria will put on court national and international athletes representing both Beach and Indoor disciplines.  High profile male and female Australian representatives, indoor national league, and national beach tour players will compete against and alongside one another in unique and innovative competitions throughout the summer.

In the first week, Volleyball Victoria secured two international females, Italian Giorgia Todesco, currently competing for Melbourne Vipers in the Australian Volleyball League and American Anna Donlan, currently competing on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour, who will play with and against two Australian Men, Australian Beach Volleyball Tour player Pat Tang and Victorian representative Mitch McCombe.  In addition, Ben Abbott, Melbourne City A-League matchday announcer and FIVB commentator provided the MC duties.  Volleyball Victoria will continue to support this quality of talent throughout the Summer Night Market.

Every other week will be serviced by accredited coaches who will engage patrons onto court.

Marketing will be focussed on the remainder of the Melbourne Vipers Australian Volleyball League season as they head to finals in mid-December and the Victorian Beach Volleyball Tour which, under the auspice of Volleyball Victoria, will include events ranked in the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour on both South Melbourne and St Kilda beaches and provide a great alignment for the Summer Night Market.

To check out all the activities, please visit:

Board Update

Volleyball Australia Annual General Meeting

Paul Freckleton, Volleyball Victoria President, and I attended the Volleyball Australia Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Canberra over the weekend 22-23 November.  The AGM was held Saturday morning following the conclusion of the traditional President’s Meeting and included special presentations by the Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Dee, on a range of event initiatives and the budget.

Two positions Board were due for contest with current Victorian volleyballer, Kim Bradey, elected to the Volleyball Australia Board unopposed.  Originally from South Australia, Kim is a barrister who plays with Monash University Volleyball Club and has been a valuable contributor to the State League Working Group in 2019.

Kim joins fellow Victorian, Grant Hyde, who enters the second year of his three-year appointment to the national Board.  Grant was a significant presence in Canberra over the weekend, leading presentations on the state and management of national finances and the Strategic Plan.

Life Membership for Murray Mansfield

Murray Mansfield was nominated for Life Membership and was duly acknowledged by the Meeting.  An extract of the nomination follows:

Murray has served volleyball in Australia with distinction as an official and volunteer for five decades. Murray was introduced to the sport in 1964 while at College and retired as a player 40 years later. He has maintained a continuous involvement in a variety of roles including as a player, coach, delegate, referee, announcer, and many more.

In his first decade of involvement, Murray had already acted in several significant roles in Victoria, including as Junior Vice President of the then Victorian Amateur Volleyball Association.

Murray was awarded Life Membership to Volleyball Victoria in 1984 and has been integral to the establishment and conduct of major national and State events, including the inception of the Country Championships in 1969. Murray has also been recognised as Sport Administrator of the Year by Vicsport, the peak body for sports in Victoria.

Murray continues his outstanding involvement as Chair, Volleyball Victoria Country Championships Commission and is motivated to offer his experience to provide the best possible Country Championships for regional associations and maximise player satisfaction via refereeing. His history with the sport is incredibly rich, his contribution extensive and generous.

See the full commendation here: Honorary Life Member Application Murray Mansfield

Volleyball Victoria congratulates Murray on the awarding of his Life Membership.

During the same weekend, Liz Pollock was presented with her Life Membership Award, unanimously endorsed at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Volleyball Australia article here 

Special Board Meeting

Volleyball Victoria hosted a Special board Meeting Sunday, 1 December.  The Meeting was open to Affiliates and addressed only two Agenda items:

  1. Volleyball Victoria 2018-20 Strategic Plan
    1. Affiliate Strategic Plans and key issues
  2. Volleyball Victoria Rules of Association

The purpose of the Meeting was to present progress against the 2018-20 Strategic Plan and provide an opportunity for Affiliates to raise their strategic directions and key issues.  Discussion was very positive with all Affiliates engaged during the Meeting.

The second Agenda item, Volleyball Victoria Rules of Association, was supported by a Discussion Paper and sought to address the important updates required to the current Rules of Association.  This Meeting commences consultation in what will be an iterative process seeking to engage all Affiliates.

The Minutes from the Meeting will be placed online when drafting is complete.

Strategic Measures

A summary of the key Strategic Measures presented to the Meeting can be found below:


In 2016, the Board identified priority investments that were critical to or a result of key drivers for the organisation.  These investments ensured the success of specific strategies or were enabled by successful strategy execution, including financial independence, relationships, programs, accessible participation opportunities, and coaches/official development.

These investments are represented by the measures outlined below:


85% Membership retention*               Exceeded

85% Participant satisfaction, average across all activities                      Exceeded

            1.1 – 90% retention of event entries*              Exceeded

            1.3 – 5% growth in affiliate competitions             Not achieved

* Revised targets based on anticipated impact of Australian Volleyball Schools Cup relocation


Improved results in national events                Achieved

            2.3 – Increase in number of Victorians selected in national squads                   Achieved

            2.5 – Growth in accredited coaches (40) Exceeded and officials (200) Exceeded; Development of accredited coaches (70) Not achieved and officials (30) Exceeded


20% increase in stakeholder engagement – Facebook To Be Confirmed, Twitter, and Instagram Achieved, YouTube Achieved

            3.1 – Formalise five strategic partnerships; government, private, & other stakeholders Exceeded

            3.2 – 15,200 newsletter subscriptions Achieved; 576,000 website views      To Be Confirmed

            3.4 – 85% member satisfaction           To Be Confirmed


Achieve budget           To Be Confirmed

Compliance with legislation and regulation                Achieved

            4.1 – Board diversity – min 40% female representation Achieved

            4.3 – 95% affiliate compliance             Not achieved

            4.4 – 12.5% increase in event profitability            Achieved

            4.5 – 100% increase in sponsorship value     To Be Confirmed

It is worth noting that several of these measures were revised following Volleyball Australia’s announcement that the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup would relocate to the Gold Coast.  Significantly, not only were many of these revised measures achieved, so too were the original measures, maintaining a growth trend for volleyball.

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