Incorporated associations: current restrictions

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Under the restrictions currently in place across Victoria, attending an incorporated association meeting is not a permitted reason to leave home. You are also not allowed to:

  • gather in public places with more than one person, other than members of your household, or 
  • have visitors to your home, unless it is to deliver care or essential services.

Holding a meeting

If you need to hold an incorporated association meeting, you can:

  • use a teleconference, videoconference or other means of electronic communication.
    The Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 permits members to take part in general meetings by using technology that allows members to clearly and simultaneously communicate with each other, regardless of the incorporated association’s rules about this. The Act also permits committees to meet using technology that allows members to clearly and simultaneously communicate with each other.
  • use proxy voting.
    You must use a standard proxy voting form if the rules of the incorporated association require you to do so. Members must be given a copy of the form with the notice of the meeting. A person acting as a proxy must act honestly and in good faith, and exercise due care and diligence
  • apply for an extension of time to hold the annual general meeting (AGM)
    The Registrar is currently granting three-month extensions and waiving the usual fee. To seek an extension, complete our Extension of time to hold an AGM or lodge financial statements form (Word, 97 KB) and send it to

For more information, see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your rights page

Please Note: Volleyball Victoria will be considering our position on the 2019 AGM originally scheduled for April and whether to proceed using technological solutions.

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