Phantoms Volleyball Club – Coaches Expression of Interest

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Phantoms Volleyball Club is seeking expressions of interest for 3 coaches for 2021 and also welcomes any applications for Assistant Coaching positions at any level. The key positions the Club requires to fill are:


This position is responsible for setting the direction and structure of the Premier Division Men’s program in conjunction with our Premier Division 2 Men’s coach and by extension the development of Men’s players at all levels of the Club. Responsibilities included the running of selection trials, weekly trainings and match day coaching of the Premier Division 1 Men’s team.


These positions will primarily be responsible for the development of our up and coming players looking to progress into Premier Division teams in future years. They will work with our senior Premier Division coaches to establish a consistent message and skill models for all players and be involved in selection trials, trainings and match day coaching.

For further information or to apply for a position please complete the Form and email to


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