Red Cross Blood Donation Challenge

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The inaugural ‘Volleyball Victoria Blood Challenge’ is underway! We look forward to seeing how many lives State League clubs and members can help save over the next three months.

Donating blood is classified as an “essential act of care giving” so during any lockdown period all Lifeblood donor centres remain open. For the latest information on this please visit

We know that each club has a competitive spirit with a thirst to win, so let’s take the competition off the court and into the community to see who will take the title as the ‘MOST GENEROUS CLUB’. 

Up to date results will be shared with you throughout the challenge, or you can check how you are tracking at any time during the challenge via the RED CROSS BLOOD DONATION CHALLENGE WEBSITE.

Lifeblood needs to collect 31,000 donations each week to be able to support the community. This is a tap that cannot be turned off. Donors are always needed.

How can you get involved?

  • Check you are eligibility to donate. Take our online ELIGIBILITY QUIZ.
  • Ring 13 14 95 or go ONLINE to make an appointment to donate between 1 JUNE – 31 AUGUST.

By joining your Lifeblood Team every donation made can be added to your clubs tally.

How to maximize your donations?

  1. Ensure all your current donors are registered to your Lifeblood Team tally. Donors can do this via their online account, the Donate Blood app, or by requesting at any donor centre.
  2. Encourage donors to plan and book their appointments for the duration of the challenge.  Some metro sites get very busy so it’s best to plan ahead.
  3. Plasma can be donated every 2 weeks. Most donors are eligible to donate plasma and would be the preferred donation for many, especially those who are active or have recently had a tattoo.

For those who need a little extra encouragement to try donating, suggest they donate as a small group. This can be a fun team building activity for the team.

Can’t donate right now?

Your first step should be to please call 13 14 95 and speak to a medical officer as donors believe they are unable to donate when they are in fact eligible.

If you are ineligible that’s ok. You can still help! There are other options available for those that are unable to donate. All of these options have been recommended by the Red Cross and will be added to the overall club tally manually if members are unable to donate. The options include:

1. Become a ‘blood champion’ for your club.

2. Spread the word on social media.

    • Social media is a powerful force of influence and example posts that can be shared include selfies and photos of you blood donation efforts, perhaps donating in your team uniforms!
    • Members that cannot donate may be able to help create and post content

3. Volunteer at a donor centre

  • Donor centres are always happy to have volunteers in centres to assist with operations.

4. Register as an organ donor or bone marrow donor.

    • The criteria for these donations is different to being a blood donor so more members may be able to assist.

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