Level 2 (Development) Referee Course

Level 2 (DEVELOPMENT) Referee Course

The course will cover the rules of volleyball, case studies, hand signals, and more, through classroom and on-court exercises.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will become Level 2 Candidate Referees.  They can then complete post-course requirements, be assessed by a referee assessor and complete the required hours to obtain full Level 2 Accreditation.


  • Foundation Referee (Level 1) online course completion
    • All Level 1’s should also have completed the following Play By The Rules Modules:    
           a. Harassment and Discrimination
           b. Child Protection (18+ only)
  • Registered Volleyball Victoria Member (Technical Membership Minimum)
  • Working with Children Check or VIT
  • SportAus The Community Officiating General Principles (free to complete, follow the links) 

Upcoming Courses

A 20% discount on the course cost (excluding the VA Accreditation Fee) is available for group bookings from affiliates/schools of 6+ members registered. Group bookings need to be emailed to memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au prior to the course to ensure processed correctly.
Important Forms (for Level 2 Candidates):
Once all post-course requirements have been met, please submit to scott.davidson@volleyballvictoria.org.au

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