Resumption of Endorsed Activity

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6 November 2020

The Victorian Government has advised a resumption of community sport, subject to the Restricted Activity Directions (RAD) outlined below, can occur with providers required to have in place COVIDSafe Plans.  A Plan proforma is yet to be released by Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), but in lieu have confirmed that Plans may take the form of previously created COVID Safety Plans where they include the recently identified six COVIDSafe principles.

Volleyball Victoria Affiliates may resume endorsed activity, subject to the prevailing RAD, where their COVID Safety Plans incorporate the following six principles:

  1. Ensure physical distancing
  2. Wear a face mask
  3. Practise good hygiene
  4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell
  5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  6. Create workforce bubbles

SRV acknowledge these were developed through a business lens but remain relevant to community sport providers.

Volleyball Victoria, in conjunction with several impacted sports, are seeking greater flexibility in the application of the 20-person limit for an indoor space.  At this time, a venue is defined as an indoor space and we are seeking an easing of this Direction or a return to a flexible application for areas greater than 400m2 or for venues with separate annexes that are independently contained.  More advice will be provided when clarification is received.

Membership Fees

Volleyball Victoria will be rolling over individual memberships that were paid but not realised in 2020; ie for any individual who paid their membership but were unable to take to the court, eg State League.  Further, membership fees will be discounted effective now for the beach season or credited into 2021 for individuals who have already registered for summer seasons.  Finally, participants in short-term Affiliate programs conducted between now and 31 December, will have their membership rolled over into 2021.

More advice on membership fees will be provided in the next e-newsletter and Affiliates seeking more information should not hesitate to contact Shannon Lennie, Member Services Coordinator, to discuss their individual circumstances.


Restricted Activity Directions

In summary, the most relevant restrictions are:

Metropolitan Melbourne

Incorporating changes from 11.59pm, Tuesday 27 October

Sport and Recreation

  • Indoor sport and recreation – not allowed
  • Outdoor sport and recreation – conditional
    • Up to 10 people from a maximum of 2 households within 25km of your residence or workplace if no facility is required; or more than 10, if all from the same household.
    • Outdoor sport settings to reopen, which do not require facilities to be entered, staffed, or the use of communal facilities (such as changerooms, toilets, eg tennis courts, golf courses, bocce).

The Victorian Government have advised a further anticipated easing in metropolitan Melbourne, to align with regional Victoria, effective from 11:59pm, Sunday 8 November.

Regional Victoria

Incorporating changes from 11.59pm, Tuesday 27 October

Indoor Community Sport:

  • Indoor non-contact sport for those aged 18 years and under
    • Non-contact sport means a sport capable of being done with a distance of 1.5m*
    • Spectators limited to one parent, guardian or carer only, where the child requires parental supervision

Outdoor community sport:

  • Outdoor contact and non-contact sport allowed for people 18 and under
    • Limited to minimum number of people to play and facilitate the activity (e.g. cricket may be played with two teams of eleven players and the necessary coaching personnel and umpires
    • Spectators only permissible for supervising of children
  • Outdoor non-contact sport allowed for adults
    • Limited to minimum number of people to play and facilitate the activity (e.g. cricket may be played with two teams of eleven players and the necessary coaching personnel and umpires)
    • Non-contact means participants must be able to maintain distance of 1.5m
    • No shared equipment

* Volleyball has been reclassified as non-contact; participants must maintain a physical distance of 1.5m.  As such, modifications to training and game play are required.

Affiliates are requested to advise Volleyball Victoria when they anticipate a resumption and to ensure compliance with all Government and affiliation conditions.  For more information, please contact Shannon Lennie, Member Services Coordinator, email

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