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SERVA is excited to offer the following opportunities for anyone interested in getting a head start on 2021 volleyball.
Led by Sue Rice, (National Junior Coach/State Coach/Club Coach) and Narene Ignace (State Coach, Club Coach), these camps are varied and cater to all levels.
If you want to:
– Take your volleyball to the next level;
– Be ahead for club state league trials;
– Be better prepared for state team trials; and/or
– Get out of the house and play volleyball because it has been so long since we could!!!
These are the perfect opportunities.
For more information and to book, see attached flyer. 
Wednesday 13th January
9am – 4pm,
Intermediate Level,
All Skills
Thursday 14th January
9am – 4pm,
Setting/Middles/Opposites Specialists Positions,
Intermediate to Advanced Levels only
Friday 15th January
9am – 4pm,
Spikezone, Beginners
All Skills
Monday 18th January
9am – 4pm,
PH/DS/Libero Specialist Positions,
Intermediate to Advanced Levels only
Tuesday 19th January
9am – 4pm,
Advanced Level Camp,
All Skills
$70 for 1 camp
$65 per camp if attending more than one OR
$65 per sibling if two family members attend the same camp
Westall Secondary College.
Gate 3, Rosebank Ave, Clayton South

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