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2020 VV Membership Registrations

Players, Coaches and Officials can register for 2020 from January 28, 2020.

State League players are required to be ‘Full’ members of VV. Non-playing coaches and referees must be ‘Technical’ members. 

Visit the Volleyball Victoria Membership Page for more details.

2020 Financial Clearance AND Player Transfers

The 2020 Player Transfer window IS NOW OPEN.

Players seeking TRANSFER and/or FINANCIAL CLEARANCES can still submit their clearance applications via the online form – found here

FINANCIAL clearance is required for players who have ever played for a State League club ($0 fee)

TRANSFER clearance is required for players who participated in 2019 and request to change clubs in 2020. The Transfer clearance fee of $35.00 (Inc. GST) must be paid online with this request. If this fee is not paid online the transfer will not be processed.

For any State League Player that has been previously registered in another country, please fill out the International Transfer Register.

2020 U15 Player Parental Waiver

The 2020 U15 Player Waiver can be found here 

No person under 15 years of age shall be permitted to participate in the State League unless permission has been granted by VV. VV shall require the U15 Parental Waiver Form to be completed online, signed by the parent/guardian and submitted to VV before such a request will be considered. 

Enquiries: Office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday call 9794 0009. Or email 

VV Social Competitions

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State League Website

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School Cup Events

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