The Australian Beach Volleyball Schools’ Cup

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The Australian Beach Volleyball Schools’ Cup (ABVSC) is a new sporting event in Australia targeting teams from across Australia and internationally; and is owned and delivered by Volleyball Australia.

This event have been developed to provide an competition that is professionally delivered and fair to all who participate. Providing an environment that encourages ever increasing levels of competition that are the prime ingredients in maximising the enjoyment of everyone involved.

Tournament Entry is open to any Australian School or International School team.  For Australian teams, all players must be registered with their relevant State Association. International teams must have their players registered with their National Volleyball Federation and have approval to participate in the event.

The 2021 Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Cup is due to take place on Coolangatta beach in Queensland’s Gold Coast on 30 April to 2 May 2021. To find out all the information you need about the 2021 ABVSC or to nominate your team(s), take a look at the event website or contact

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