Volleyball Victoria General Manager – August Edition

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No relief from Lockdown 6.0 and the Covid-19 situation since my last report in July. In fact from a Lockdown in Metropolitan Melbourne we currently have the entire State in Lockdown including Regional Victoria.

The past month has provided numerous challenges to Volleyball, our affiliates, members, participants, and volunteers. During this time, Volleyball Victoria has unfortunately had to modify, postpone and/or cancel events and activities due to circumstances beyond our control. All of these have been promoted on the Volleyball Victoria Website. 

While it is extremely disappointing, Volleyball Victoria is planning diligently for a return to play. The goal posts keep moving which makes its extremely difficult to plan with any certainty. New restrictions and extensions to Lockdowns all make the task harder, however we will return to the sport we love. Volleyball Victoria will be ready to go once we have the authorisation from State Government to return to community sport.

So now we need to remain patient, work within the constraints we are presented by the government authorities and plan for a smooth transition back to sport.


Victorian Country Championships

Volleyball Horsham, Volleyball Victoria, Regional Associations and the championships commission are all supportive of holding CC ’21 in Horsham this year, restrictions permitting in the last weekend of September.

It was encouraging to see such support over these past weeks for the event to proceed and hopefully restrictions permitting we can hold the championship (time will tell).

Following a meeting with Associations on Monday August 23rd 2021 and a meeting with the commission on Thursday August 26th 2021, the commission has agreed to an easing of regulations given the current conditions we are being subject to. These include:

  1. Entry deadline and entry fees due extended to September 10th 2021.
  2. Player details deadline extended to September 17th 2021.
  3. Deadline for draft draw changed to September 2nd 2021.
  4. Player qualifications have been extended back to post CC’19.

If there is a need to make the decision to cancel the event, that decision will rest with Volleyball Victoria General Manager Martin Stillman, Referee Delegate Ralph Dew, Technical Delegate Rob Straube and Volleyball Horsham’s David Berry.

The final date for such decision will be September 10th 2021 and any notifications will be made in a timely manner to all relevant stakeholders.

Volleyball Australia

A collective investment to the (We are Volleyball plan) from State Associations to Volleyball Australia, commenced in 2017 for a three-year period. These funds were to assist nationally in several areas and provide positive outcomes for the sport moving forward, with delivery at State level. Several areas and projects were identified to enhance the sport and a review of the outcomes were presented to the States.

Volleyball Australia have scheduled a series of engagements with State Associations (five in total) to consult and engage with States on key elements of the sport.

The first of the meetings was conducted in mid-August, which has stimulated robust discussions and dialog between State Associations and Volleyball Australia. Collectively, as we all work together to achieve progression and enhance the sport, I will convey to our Members within Victoria key outcomes and directives agreed to post these meetings.

Finally, please stay safe, look after yourself and your families.

Yours Sincerely,

Martin Stillman

General Manager




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