2023 Volleyball Victoria Membership & Registration

Volleyball Victoria is the peak body in Victoria and exists to lead, grow and promote volleyball across the state. As a not-for-profit organisation membership fees are an integral component in the provision of services, programs, education and events.

Members are entitled to receive the range of benefits as noted below and Volleyball Victoria offers several different membership types based on your involvement in the sport. To join as a new member or to renew an existing membership, note which of the categories below are applicable and register online.

To participate in Volleyball Victoria events, programs and competitions, players will need to have a valid Volleyball Victoria Membership. Player memberships is based on different levels of involvement in the sport.

RevSport Update

Volleyball Victoria wishes to inform all of its members that the Membership Rollover process is reaching the final stages.

In order to ensure a smooth transition into the new membership season, your Volleyball Victoria membership will expire and become inactive in the system (you will not be able to log into your profile).
Once the new season memberships become available, you will need to renew your membership (giving you access to your profile).

Once rollover is complete, members will be notified that new season memberships are available and may register through their nominated clubs.

What you need to know:

  • All current 2022 – 2023 memberships, including insurance, will be valid until March 31, 2023.
  • Members will be notified  once the 2023 – 2024 memberships become available.
  • From April 14th, the GameDay registration system will disable membership purchases to facilitate a seamless rollover process. During this period, members will not be able to use the member registration function on GameDay.

For more information, please contact the VV Office – admin@volleyballvictoria.org.au



Membership with Volleyball Victoria (VV) provides access a number of benefits including:
•    Sanctioned Events & Activities         •    SportsPass members benefits program
•    Organised Competitions                  •    Insurance 
•    Development programs                   •    Communications
•    High performance pathways            •    Peak Body Representation
•    Education (Coach & Referee)           •    Celebratory Events and much more…

Membership Benefits Information


•    Membership Data Migration in Progress …


•    Members agree to all conditions in the Membership Terms And Conditions
•    All registrations are valid from 10 February, 2023 – 31 March, 2024
•    All registration fees are inclusive of GST 
•    U21 age group, must be 20 years or younger as at 31 December 2023
•    Members must be registered and financial before they take the court in any training or competitive capacity
•    Any individual who is un-financial or disqualified in Victoria or any other state shall be ineligible for membership


If you have any questions please contact the Volleyball Victoria Office;
Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Phone: 03 9794 0009 
Email: memberships@volleyballvictoria.org.au

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