Volleyball Victoria Partner with Queen Victoria Market

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Volleyball Victoria is delighted to partner with the Queen Victoria Market to bring 15 weeks of volleyball to the iconic Summer Night Market, commencing 20 November.  Volleyball Victoria will support a calendar of activities including alternating weeks of player exhibition matches and coach-patron activations.

For the duration of the Summer Night Market, Volleyball Victoria will put on court national and international athletes representing both Beach and Indoor disciplines.  High profile male and female Australian representatives, indoor national league, and national beach tour players will compete against and alongside one another in unique and innovative competitions throughout the summer.

In the first week, Volleyball Victoria secured two international females, Italian Giorgia Todesco, currently competing for Melbourne Vipers in the Australian Volleyball League and American Anna Donlan, currently competing on the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour, who will play with and against two Australian Men, Australian Beach Volleyball Tour player Pat Tang and Victorian representative Mitch McCombe.  In addition, Ben Abbott, Melbourne City A-League matchday announcer and FIVB commentator provided the MC duties.  Volleyball Victoria will continue to support this quality of talent throughout the Summer Night Market.

Every other week will be serviced by accredited coaches who will engage patrons onto court.

Marketing will be focussed on the remainder of the Melbourne Vipers Australian Volleyball League season as they head to finals in mid-December and the Victorian Beach Volleyball Tour which, under the auspice of Volleyball Victoria, will include events ranked in the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour on both South Melbourne and St Kilda beaches and provide a great alignment for the Summer Night Market.

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