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8 May 2020
The State of Emergency declared by the Victorian Government is due to expire 11 May. At this time the Victorian Government will be announcing whether the current restrictions will be extended, or an easing of restrictions will commence that enables greater activity in the community.

The Federal Government, several States, and many sports are starting to consider their strategies for returning to play. Critical to this return will be a Victorian Government requirement for Volleyball Victoria to produce a ‘Return to Play’ Plan.

Return to Play Plan
The scope of the Return to Play Plan is not yet available, with Sport and Recreation Victoria currently finalising the detail, but we expect advice is imminent. Volleyball Victoria has already commenced work on a draft Plan and a range of risk mitigation strategies have already been sourced for use by Volleyball Victoria and Affiliates.
Volleyball Victoria’s Return to Play Plan and risk mitigation measures, once completed, will be shared with Affiliates to support a state-wide resumption of activities.

Australian Institute of Sport ‘Framework for Rebooting Sport’
In addition to the Government bodies and sports, the Australian Institute of Sport has released a framework for sport to commence at both high performance and community levels. The Framework establishes three classes of restrictions, as outlined below:

Community/Individual Sports


Level A
Running/aerobic/agility training (solo), resistance training (solo), skills training (solo) at home or outdoor (no indoor sporting facility access allowed).
Level B
Small group (not more than 10 athletes/staff in total) skill sessions only. No matches.
Level C
Full training and competition.

The Volleyball Victoria Return to Play Plan will address these classes of activity.

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