Board & Management

The Volleyball Victoria (VV) Leadership Team, which is comprised of Board members, management, staff and commissions, who are dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of the sport of Volleyball in Victoria through its policies and initiatives.

Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting, in April 2019, the following Board was elected by the Volleyball Victoria Members:

Officer Director – President    Mr Paul Freckleton
Officer Director                       Ms Elizabeth Tupper     
Officer Director                       Mr Brendan Fleiter    
Ordinary Member                   Ms Christie Jenkins    
Ordinary Member                   Dr Peter Hertan 
Ordinary Member                   Mr Ian Jenkins       

The Board co-opted the following Members to extend the available skill set:

Co-opted Member                  Ms Elizabeth Pollock        
Co-opted Member                  Ms Cori Wilder        
Co-opted Member                  Ms Lyndall Hutchins    

Volleyball Victoria Board Of Directors 2019

Management & Staff

General Manager – Geoff Rietschel

Accounts & Office Manager – Lina Monaco

Member Services Coordinator – Shannon Lennie

Events & Competitions Coordinator – Timothy Heathcote

Pathways Coordinator – Scott Davidson

Events & Competitions Officer – Katherine Walton

Organisation Development Coordinator – Victoria Ellis

Facilities Liaison – Michael Haley


Commissions & Committees

Volleyball Victoria Country Championships Commission     
Chairman              Mr Murray Mansfield 
Member                 Mr Howard Williams
Member                 Mr David Berry
Member                 Mr Rob Straube
Member                 Mrs Susan Lloyd
Staff                       Geoff Rietschel 
Volleyball Victoria Referees Committee  
Chair                     Ms Catriona Tweedie
Member                 Mr Brian Neal (Events)
Member                 Mr Kevin Nguyen 
Member                 Mr Tom Savage
Member                 Mr David Rosamilia (Education) 

Volleyball Victoria Coaches Committee    
Chair                     Mr Nic Kaiser
Member                 Mr Paul Freckleton
Member                 Mr Josh Cowan
Member                 Mr Nic Arena
Member                 Ms Tamsin Hinchley
Member                 Ms Sue Rice
Member                 Mr Luke Campbell

VV Social Competitions

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School Cup Events

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