VVI Membership Update

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As we approach the final stages of setting up Volleyball Victoria’s new member database, ‘Revolutionise Sport’, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our Volleyball Victoria Community for their continuous hard work and commitment, entering this new era for your membership experience.

Memberships for State League

State League Rd.1 begins this Saturday the 15th of April.

Generally all players are required to have a full paid up membership before Round 1.

Due to the complexity and timing of the migration of RevSport, all players will not be penalized if they haven’t paid their membership before Round 1.

Players have up until the 30th of April to pay their memberships.

During this period, all players will be considered a full member for insurance purposes.

Players will be required to have paid their memberships before the start of week 4 of State League (May 5th). From May 5th, penalties will apply to any unpaid memberships as per 2023 State League by-laws.


For any further enquiries please contact VV: 

  • 9794 0009
  • Admin@volleyballvictoria.org.au

VV Social Competitions

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School Cup Events

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