Welcome Volleyball Victoria State League!

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After 595 days since the last game, Volleyball Victoria State League returns tomorrow; a most welcome sight with Round 1 matches being hosted at the State Volleyball Centre, Maroondah Nets (Heathmont), and the Ballarat Minerdome.

Volleyball Victoria also announces that after several years in development and following extensive consultation with Clubs, State League has been restructured for the 2021 season.  The restructure commences a rationalisation that will see the alignment of the top two men’s and women’s teams in the Premier Division and ensure that State League remains the elite club-based volleyball competition in the State.  The multiple tiers of the Reserves Division will provide a forum for Clubs to compete in State League while in development and working towards promotion to Premier.

Capitalising on the opportunity this restructure has created to remain in the Premier Division, four Clubs have determined to collaborate to meet the eligibility requirements, these are Eastside Hawks with Heidelberg Volleyball Club and Maroondah Cobras with McKinnon Volley.  Volleyball Victoria welcome the collaborations in the short-term as they allow multiple Clubs to remain or enter the Premier Division and compete at the highest standard while also building their player base and depth in Reserves.  This will lead to long-term sustainability for Clubs and enable a path to independent entries into the Premier Division. 

We are also very excited to announce the expansion of Junior State League to both a Division 1 and 2 in Boys and Girls.  This is a welcome development and reward for the work undertaken in recent years developing junior participation and pathways.

After such a long time we hope to see as many people at our venues tomorrow (don’t forget to utilise each venues QR code as you enter) but if you can’t make it we hope you tune in to our State Volleyball Centre V1 Livestream at 12:00noon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WfY_8Q5_n4&feature=youtu.be).

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